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Our history

“A group of people with a shared goal
of accomplishing the impossible” – Anonym.

feste in costa magie al borgo la nostra storia

Magie al Borgo was created by the association Feste in Costa which made it a true local tradition, and it can now count 30.000 visitors from Italy and international locations.

la nostra storia magie al borgo

This festival wills to offer a free magical moment and true interactions between artists and the audience, promote cultural tourisms and enhance the knowledge of the area, its history and culinary tradition. A few year ago we also promoted a new initiative, Host an Artist, and families and homes can offer to host an artist during their stay in Costa di Mezzate.


The association Feste in Costa is the promoter that groups all the local volunteering organisations, and the town council as well:

  • Comune di Costa di Mezzate
  • A.I.D.O. gruppo comunale Elio Ongaro
  • AVIS Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue – Sezione Comunale Costa di Mezzate
  • Associazione Autotrasportatori
  • Associazione Cacciatori
  • Associazione Commercianti
  • Associazione Il Paese Vecchio in Festa
  • Associazione Nazionale Alpini – Gruppo Costa di Mezzate
  • Associazione Pensionati
  • Associazione Sportiva Oratorio
  • Team Bike.

The president is Carlo Andreletti, the Vice President Eraldo Micheletti and the secretary Tiziana Rivola.

Magie al Borgo has been growing year on year with numerous new initiatives, from increasingly catchy stenographic choices to an artistic direction always open to new propositions and trends.

THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: LORENZO BARONCHELLI. Lorenzo holds a degree in economics, but has always been fascinated by the circus arts, and in 1993 he takes on juggling as a self-taught. He then deepens his knowledge of the art by travelling around Europe. His skills are well shown in the creation and interpretation of numerous plays presented by the theatre groups Alicante, Erbamil and Ambaradan during national and international festivals. Since 2010 he is one of the founders of Residenza Teatrale Itinere, a centre for research and theatre production run with the support of Fondazione Cariplo. He is president of the Ambaradan association, and he is in charge of its promotion and administration.

THE SCENOGRAPHER: GINO COPELLI. Gino holds a diploma in Scenography from the Accademia di Belle Arti, which was followed by a few years working as a stage technician. He then begins his collaboration as scenographer with theatre companies and young adults theatre groups, for which he is rewarded numerous awards such as the Maschera d’oro in 2001 and the Sipario d’Oro in 2014. Since 2006 he is professor of Stagecraft at the Art Academies in Brescia, Perugia, Catania and Venice and he published a manual that is at its second publication.

The hard work and passion of the numerous volunteers and supporters make this celebration a must-attend event for both adults and kids. All shows are free to attend. This is possible due to the work of the almost 250 local volunteers who contribute both to the organisations and execution of the event.

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