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The beginning

Welcome to the enchanted Borgo
where the Magic comes to life!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking the colourful festive roads, listening to laughs and music and enjoying traditional food. Just around the corner, here you are admiring the castle and meeting a woman dancing. This is the Magic of Costa di Mezzate.

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Three unusual days when everything is possible, a path back to the past where dreams come true and our visitors, both kids and adults, can be brought back to the a truer and new meaning of community life.

Magie al Bogo is the perfect opportunity to get closer to traditions and at the same time through yourself into a playful future. Just let your imagination run free and find your inner child once again!

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Un borgo in festa tra numerosi spettacoli, dall’acrobatica aerea al funambolismo, dal teatro urbano al nuovo circo, dalla giocoleria alla danza contemporanea, dalla manipolazione di oggetti alle marionette, dall’acrobatica mano a mano alla musica di strada…

You shouldn’t be surprised if you met a little rabbit just escaped from a magician’s hat, or if you happen to walk through a burning ring of fire. Are you ready to live the enchantment?

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